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The Fairfield Masterclass with Chef Michael Swamy and Chef Sudhir Nair at Fairfield Marriott, Outer Ring Road, Bengaluru. 

Fairfield Marriott at Outer Ring Road, Bengaluru recently hosted a masterclass featuring their Executive Chef Sudhir Nair and internationally acclaimed Chef Michael Swamy.
The masterclass saw these two culinary geniuses create some close-to-home dishes, with much élan. 

Chef Sudhir started by preparing Parripu Pradhaman- A traditional dessert from Kerala, made with lentils, jaggery and coconut cream, scented with cardamom and cloves. 

Next up was Chef Michael who made a Kerala inspired curry-encrusted Lamb leg.  

To end the masterclass was a recipe co-created by both the Chefs. A simple, but oh-so-delicious Bangalore style Akki Roti- traditional rice bread from Karnataka, popularly had for breakfast or lunch.

Attending the masterclass was a fun and learning experience; with many trivia and tips thrown in by both chefs in the course of the event.  

A note of thanks to the Mr. Gaurav Singh -General Manager, Ms. Monica Khara and both the chefs. 


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