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Launch of Shizusan Shophouse and Bar at Phoenix Market City, Bengaluru.

South-Eastern Asia is among the top culinary destinations in the world. Travels across this region, rich for its food and culture, are nothing short of a globe trotter’s treasure.

A visit to any one of these countries, be it China, Japan, Burma, Vietnam, Korea, Phillipines, Malayasia or Thailand, is incomplete without experiencing the fantastic street-style food and warm hospitality they offer.


Shizusan Shophouse and Bar, with it’s presence in Mumbai and Pune, recently opened at the Phoenix Market City in Bengaluru.

Inspired by the 18th century shophouse boom during the colonial era, Shizusan’s story unfolds in it’s very own shophouse. The restaurant is spread across an indoor dining section, a live Sushi bar and a Kyoto Jazz Bar inspired outdoors Bar section. The menu pays homage to the dishes one will find at establishments across Southeast Asia.




At a recent lunch at Shizusan in Bangalore, I sampled a few of their offerings, details of which are given below:

Prawns and Chives DimSum– cooked to optimum, the filling was mildly herbed and delicious. The dumpling sheet was just right- not too thin for it to break, nor too thick that it becomes chewy.


Hainese Chicken Rice– This is a classic SE-Asian dish, also considered one of Singapore’s national dishes. The simplicity of this dish veils the craftsmanship involved in executing it perfectly. Except for the shredded pieces of chicken (I would have liked neatly sliced chicken) this dish is as good as comfort food can get.


Tender Coconut Cheesecake– Simple flavours, but one dish that works great to end the meal.


Ok Lah– A refreshing mocktail of fresh(!) Orange Juice, Orange Chunks and kaffir lime leaves.


Iced Milo Shake– Something to take you back in time. Milo is to SE Asia what Bournvita is to India.


Gingsing– Another great drink for summer afternoons. Made of cucumber, ginger and aromatic lemongrass.


This dining experience was about one week into Shizusan’s opening, and I can vouch for their delicious food and well made drinks. The price points are fairly economical and portions are generous.


Shizusan Shophouse and Bar, Bangalore is a great place for savoring delicious Pan-Asian fare and refreshing drinks, all in a beautiful setting- seated comfortably under the Tree of Life, while your thoughts meander into the spectacular wall art and murals that adorn the space.

A warm note of thanks to Ms. Janvi Rajpopat and the team at Shizusan Shophouse and Bar, Bangalore for this deeply gratifying experience.

Reservations are strongly recommended and can be made on 080-67266655.




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