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New Menu Launch at Farzi Cafe, UB City, Bengaluru

In the recent past, many restaurants have tried to offer their version of Modern Indian food. Most of them, however, have failed miserably.

Flavors that don’t work together, pretentious presentations and the hasty need to do something new has been the primary cause.

Farzi Cafe, from the house of Massive Restaurants, however, seems to have played its cards right. And boy,  have they played well!

Owned by one of India’s most celebrated restaurateurs, Zorawar Kalra, and with the legendary Jiggs Kalra working closely, the expectations were high, but so were the confidence levels.

I was recently invited to try items from the new menu at Farzi Cafe, and they included :

1.       Dal Moth ‘matka chaat’, fresh pomegranate-  An Indian chaat made of bhalla, moong sprouts, green apple, pomegranate layered with green chutney, saunth chutney & yoghurt in  claypot bowl.

2.       Dhokla and Farsaan salad, tadka chilli, crispy nuts- Farzi’s salad interpretation of gujarati snack Dhokla with farsaan and traditional green & red chutney.


3.       Mac and Cheese Pakora bites- Classic Macaroni & Cheese crumb fried served with hot garlic sauce

4.       Kothimbir Vadi, Papaya Salad, Tadka Mayo, Gunpowder dust- Maharashtrian snack made of besan & coriander served with raw papaya salad, and tadka mayo and gunpowder dust.

5.       Sion Prawn Koliwada, anardana dust, shrimp chips- Prawn batter fried with batter made of rice flour, chopped curry leaves, chilli powder, ajwain served with shrimp chips.


6.       Iyengar Bakery style toasties, chicken sukka, scallion coriander chutney-       Mangalorean style chicken sukka stuffed in bread toast served with scallion coriander chutney.


7.       Shawarma Biryani- Mutton Raan Shawarma with traditional dum biriyani


8.       Charred Artichokes & Cherry Tomato, Bisi Bele Bhaat- A traditional karnataka’s delicacy made of lentils and south Indian spices and ghee blended in Risotto rice served with Charred artichokes & Cherry tomato.


Farzi Sundae – pistachio, blueberry, brownie- Three flavours of kulfi namely pista, blueberry, cardamom served with chocolate brownie, and chocolate vermicelli , gems & wafer cigar.


Textures of Indian Dessert- Farzi’s interpretation of different types of Indian dessert with 7 different textures which includes orange kalakand espuma, Blueberry peda, Mango peda, Chena payas, carrot cream, Besan laddoo crumble, Apple custard rabdi.

Farzi Cafe’s interpretation of modern Indian food is everything you’d hope it would be- delicious, hearty, nouveau, balanced flavors and Instagram worthy presentations!

A warm note of thanks to Ms. Rekha Ghosh, Ms. Divya Dalwani and the team at Farzi Cafe, UB City, Bengaluru for their hospitality.

Reservations to Farzi Cafe are recommended and can be made on +917259400900.


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