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All New Menu by Chef Abdul Quddus at Spice Terrace, JW Marriott, Bengaluru. 

Spice Terrace, the pool side Indian speciality restaurant has a new menu, curated by Chef Abdul Quddus. The menu features some classic favourites and modern interpretations; all in the picturesque setting of the Spice Terrace. 

Hailing from Jharkhand, Chef Abdul Quddus specialises in cuisine of the erstwhile North-West Frontier states and Awadhi cuisines. Most of his signatures recipes are age old and handed down over generations within his family. 

The evening started with a range of vegetarian and non vegetarian starters. The Quinoa Aloo Bukhara Kebab was a beautiful presentation of ‘modern’ ingredients in an old-school preparation. The Narangi Shammi, with hints of orange didn’t quite excite the palate. The Paneer Tikka Lazeez was a spectacular preparation- great balance of flavours and soft paneer, cooked to optimum. 

In the Non Vegetarian, the Murgh Gilafi Seekh stole the show for me. Succulent, redolent with shahi zeera and garlic while being laced with bruinnouses of peppers on the exterior, this was brilliant. 

The Gosht Galouti lacked the taste of the meat and was a let down. The Zaitooni Malai Jhinga was Tiger Prawns with mild spices and cream, a hint of olives, cooked to perfection. 

For the mains, the Kumbh Mutter Makhana Qorma in the vegetarian selection was my favourite. Cooked in an onion and yogurt gravy with very mild spices, this is a spectacular preparation enjoyed best with a Garlic Naan. Other items in the vegetarian mains include the Subz Zaitooni Kofta, Subz Abir (think Palak Paneer with some methi saag) and an aromatic Subz Chilman Biryani. 

The Dal-e-Awadh, made with Black lentil is cooked overnight which imparts the  creamy and velvety texture. The taste was spon on- creamy, hints of spice with an underlying sweetness and just the right amount of butter used.

Amongst the non vegetarian main course items, the Shahi Nalli Nihari and the Shahi Gosht Dum Biryani were stellar.  The Biryani was one of the finest I’ve ever had- fragrant Basmati rice, tender pieces of mutton and beautiful mix of spices.

The Kadhai Jhinga seemed a little heavy on usage of tomatoes, giving it an unpleasant sourness.

The desserts, a Shahi Malai Tukda, Shahd-e-Jaam and Kulfi Falooda were all good to taste. The Shahd-e-Jaam, a gulab jamun with pistachios, saffron and honey syrup was warm and comforting. The best from the lot of desserts. 

The dining experience at Spice Terrace has been a deeply gratifying one. While there some dishes that didn’t impress much, there were some whose taste still lingers!

Reservations to this restaurant are recommended and can be made on +918067189999. 


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