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Navroz Bhonu at SodaBottleOpenerWala, Bangalore

Navroz or Jamshed-e-Navroz is celebrated as the New Year Day for the Parsi community. 

Celebrated on the first day of the first month as per Zoroastrian faith; much like any other New Year’s celebration, there is excitement and joy in the air and an array of delicacies to be savored. 

A Packed Restaurant on a Saturday Afternoon

SodaBottleOpenerWala or SBOW in Bangalore is an ode to the dying tradition Iranian Cafés and I must say they’re doing a pretty good job at keeping the tradition and excitement alive. The colorful walls, loud retro Bollywood music, red-and-white chequered table cloths with coasters of Parsi Musings! The old Iranian Café charm is kept alive! SBOW had created a special Navroz Bhonu menu which was an offering of two variants- vegetarian and non vegetarian, in the format of ‘thalis.’

I was invited to SBOW to try out the same, a while back. 

Navroz Bhonu

The non-vegetarian Bhonu that I sampled included items like Saria, Salad Shirazi which has a great buttery feel, Chutney Eeda Na Pattice which I feel could be replaced with the Beetroot cutlet from the Vegetarian Bhonu. 

The Vegetarian Navroz Bhonu Thali

The Masala ni Dal was spicy yet very comforting, the tasty Mutton Berry Pulao came with two mid-sized chunks of boneless mutton and SBOW is well known for this item in particular. The Jardaloo Chicken, with lots of tomatoes and apricots, seemed a tad too sweet and sour for my palate but that’s how it’s supposed to be and it was quite spot on is what I was told by fellow foodies, who gave me company. 

My Non Vegetarian Navroz Bhonu Thali

The desserts, which read as Raspberry and White Chocolate — Pannacota Sev was actually a Pannacotta of Raspberry and White chocolate while the sev was basically sweetened Semiyan with some dry fruits and very little milk. The Pannacota lacked the ‘wobblyness’ and the Semiyan was overtly sweet. 

Raspberry and White Chocolate Pannacotta, Sev

SBOW could have included some popular items, off their regular menu and curated a Bhonu but a thali, is well, a thali. 

Parsi Musings!

I do recommend the Thali and maybe a side of Keema Pav or Eggs Kejriwal at SBOW incase you go there.  Those two items remain my favorites! 

Until next time, Navroz Mubarak! 


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