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Soups and Dim sum Festival at Hunan, Bangalore. 

Named after the province in the Republic of China, Hunan at Koramangala in Bangalore has been long known for its delicious Chinese fair.  
Last week, on a pluvial Friday evening, few bloggers were invited to sample the items off the special Soup and Dim sum Festival that’s happening at Hunan until the end of this month. 

The thought of Soups and Dim sum for a rainy evening dinner sounded just right! 

Before we started, we were briefed by Mr.Jagdish Menda, the owner of Hunan, alongside Head Chef Pema, about the concept behind this festival. 

With Fellow Foodies and Bloggers

The menu, a skillfully crafted and limited one at that, has price points which are more than competitive for the quality and quantities offered. 

The Soup and Dim sum Festival Menu

Off the soups, I sampled the Sweet Potato and Carrot soup, which in my opinion was the best of the evening. Made with coconut milk and peanuts, this is THE soup for a damp evening. Add some Thai chili flakes and maybe a few drops of freshly squeezed lime and you are in for a foodgasm! 

Sweet Potato and Carrot Soup

The Chicken Drumstick and Noodle soup came with the broth served separately and then poured over the meat and veggies. A light soup, with a hint of Soy in the broth, this was heart-warming. At my lunch with the KLG, a wedge of Mandarin Orange was squeezed on this and that accentuated the flavor profile even more. 

Chicken Drumstick with Noodles and Veggies
The Broth is Poured
Chicken Drumstick and Noodle Soup

The Chicken Meat balls and Prawn Wanton soup was soul satisfying, with the meatballs having great texture and the wantons adding another layer to the soup. 

Chicken Meatballs and Prawn Wanton Soup

The Sweet and Sour Tofu Soup with Crabmeat tasted good but could be more pleasant with the exclusion of the fish sauce and a little less quantity of veggies. The same feedback was given to the Hunan team at a later Wednesday lunch with the KLG. 

Sweet and Sour Tofu Soup with Crab meat

The Khao Suey, a dish that is gaining popularity in India with great momentum, was the last dish to arrive. This was a large portion, sufficient for two. I tasted it only with the KLG on our customary Wednesday lunch and it was great! 

Coming to the Dim sums, we started with the Bokchoy and Oyster Mushroom Money Pouch which used a two way wheat starch skin- one regular and one with spinach. The nodal tip of the wheat starch skin was a little too thick to bite into and was left. 

Bokchoy and Oyster Mushroom Money Pouch
Bokchoy and Oyster Mushroom Money Pouch

The Truffle Scented Edemame Dumplings were a stand out. Light hint of truffle scent in the soy bean mixture and the dumplings topped with an edemame (fresh soy bean) each. 

Truffle Scented Edemame Dumpling

The Vegan Vietnamese Spring Rolls, a cold dish, was delicious simply because of the light, simple formula of absolutely fresh veggies wrapped in a rice paper skin. Served with Hoisin Peanut sauce, this is indeed a great option for vegans and vegetarians, alike. 

Vegan Vietnamese Spring Roll

The Chicken Steamed Fatty Bao was chicken pieces tossed with barbecue sauce and served in a steamed Bao with scallions and cucumber. At the KLG lunch, the feed back was given to the team to use shredded chicken and go a little easy on the barbecue sauce. 

The baked Sesame Chicken Potstickers were meaty and lipsmacking with the two dips on the side- the honey chili and the other one soy based. 

Sesame Chicken Potstickers

Cocktail rolls with Chicken and Prawns served with an outstanding Mango Chili compote was a clear winner, too. The sauce, I say, should be sold in retail and matched perfectly with the crisp rolls. 

Cocktail Chicken and Prawn Rolls

The Pork Flower Dumpling was beautiful looking dumpling that was shaped like a blooming rose with the wheat starch skin and the meat held within. A drizzle of the soy sauce and it takes this dish to another level. Super stuff! 

Pork Flower Dumpling

The best item off the menu though, and pardon me for my biased, undying love for all seafood, has to be the Crunchy Wanton Ribbon Prawns. Served on a bed of the Mango Chili compote and topped with a honey mustard sauce, this was goodness in every bite. The texture, flavor and overall mouth feel of this was amazing!

Crunchy Wanton Ribbon Prawn

It is no wonder that within a week of my visit to Hunan for the bloggers table, the KLG also visited Hunan and experienced the ongoing Soup and Dim sum festival. 

Members of the KLG- Koramangala Lunch Group

I was left satiated at both my visits and thus strongly recommend this festival to all my foodie friends. 

More so because with prices starting at as low as ₹165/- for the quality that this restaurant offers, it’s more than just a steal! 


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