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Farzi Café at UB City, Bangalore 

About a week ago, I was invited to sample food and beverage offerings at the much talked, written and heard about Farzi Café, that had recently opened doors at UB City in Bangalore. 
This was not my fist time to Farzi, though. The end of June saw me visiting places up north which included New Delhi and within New Delhi, I happened to visit the Connaught Place outpost of this famed café chain not once, but twice in a span of less than 24 hours. 

I had a great experience at the Connaught Place café on both my visits, so expectations were undoubtedly high. 
Set in a site as opulent as UB City, at the location where the erstwhile City Bar used to be, Farzi cafe is spread over 11000(!) sq.ft with a microbrewery, stage for live music and a central bar where all the goodness flows. 
Moderately bright interiors, diversified seating options and zones, skilled service staff donning dungarees and walkie-talkies, and the famed F&B theatrics or molecular gastronomy, if you please. 

Misti Doi Spheres

Items like the mini Raj kachoris topped with imli chutney foam took me back to childhood days where evening trips to Radha Sweets in Lansdowne, Calcutta were part of the post-swim custom. 

Mini Raj Kachoris with Okra Salad

The Dal Chawal Arancini garnished with masala papad, achar and chutney was a nouvelle approach to the otherwise humble desi combo. 

Dal Chawal Arancini

Farzi Fried Chicken was delectably good and so were the Tempura Fried Prawns. However, the prawns could do with a tad less mayonnaise dressing on them. 

Tempura Fried Prawns

The Delhi Belly Tikka was a lipsmacking pork belly with Balsamic vinegar and Anardana which lent a delightful tangy/tart twist.  

Delhi Belly Kebab

Chicken Changezi Quesadilla was calorific and terrific! The Margarita Kulcha was loaded with cheese and packed quite a punch. 

Chicken Changezi Quesadilla
Margarita Kulcha

The Galouti Burger, one of the more famous items off their menu, was executed very well, with the Galouti, quite literally, melting in the mouth. 

Galouti Burger

So much food got me brimming already! 

Main Course in a Telephone Booth

The mains I sampled included the Mutton Irachi Pepper fry with Malabari Paratha and Chicken Tikka Masala with assorted tandoori breads. Both were good quality, standard fare. 

Mutton Irachi Pepper Fry with Malabari Paratha
Chicken Tikka Masala with Indian breads

The desserts, Milky Way Bang Bang and Baileys Lollipop, were both starkly different. 

Milky Way Bang Bang

The MWBB is a feast to the eyes- the chef pours liquid nitrogen over the centre (depicting the Sun) followed by a tempting pour of the white chocolate Rabri. Fruits, cereal bar bits, other mini desserts with a side line of cake crumble with finely chopped pistachios and ‘cheeni ke batashey’ complete the galaxy, and this stunning dessert. As much as this is a visual delight, I felt the individual flavors got lost and did not come together as expected. 

Milky Way Bang Bang
The Baileys Lollipop was a sensational sweet delight in every way, right until the centre where the Bailey’s hits the spot. 

Bailey’s Lollipop

Drinks that kept me company that evening were the Chai Pani, Farzi OK and good ol’ Black Dog with ginger ale. The cocktails were quite potent yet refreshing in their own way. The Buntas, that I tried at their New Delhi outpost, were excellent and great VFM. 

Farzi OK
Chai Paani

Farzi Cafe, with all the quirk, the buzz and the fan following it has gathered, looks promising in every way. It has almost become the place to see and be seen at. 

Look forward to going there soon again over a weekend and look forward, even more, to when they have their microbrewery operational. 


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