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Masterclass with Burrp at Whitefield Bar and Grill

Last weekend, I was invited to the Marriott Whitefield, Bengaluru for a Masterclass with Chef Raheel Ahmad, an evening organized by Burrp. 
The evening celebrated the re-launch, if I may, of the acclaimed Burrp app and also the launch of the hotel’s newest F&B outlet, The Whitefield Bar and Grill.

Foodies and bloggers convened at the new, inviting and casual, alfresco destination at the hotel. 

Chef Raheel

With a regal-meets-modern setting, from the Jaipur wooden furniture to the classic drawer knobs picked up by Mr.Dumbell, the hotel’s GM, on a recent business trip to Bali; and also some progressive equipment in use at the bar and kitchen, this place offers something for all consumers to savour- food, drinks, decor and the pool!

Burrp has been in business for a long time and their new relaunched app promises an advanced user experience with features such as restaurant suggestion/reviews, expert reviews, a food centric social network and much more. 
The evening began with us being divided into two teams- the kitchen team, led by Chef Raheel to work on making the WBG Smoked Apple Wood Grilled Chicken with Chimichuri sauce and the other would work at the bar, making signature cocktails with guidance from the hotel’s F&B manager. 

After a fun filled session with great camaraderie, along with the warmth and hospital from the hotel personnel, we met at the dining area and started sampling some of the best that this place has to offer. 

The cocktails, Copper Moscow Mule, United States of Whtfld and Marriott Whtfld Cosmo, were interesting contemporary takes on classic.

Copper Moscow Mule
United States of Whtfld
Marriott Whtfld Cosmo

Each of these were served in specially designed glass/copper ware, with steel straws and differently shaped ice cubes, all served on individual, small chalk boards.  
The food I tasted included:
Ceviche- this was a refreshing anti-pasti of poached white snapper, cured in lemon juice spiced with chillies, red onions and cilantro. Served with sweet pomegranate and fresh avocado.


Smoked Beetroot Salad- house smoked beetroot with fresh herbs and spices. Served with endive lettuce, and frisée. Tossed with toasted walnuts, quinoa greens, red wine shallots in a vinaigrette dressing.  

Smoked Beetroot Salad

Burrata Salad- Fresh tomatoes, basil and olives incorporated together with homemade burrata.

Burrata Salad
Burrata Salad

Pulled Pork Burger- signature dish of hand-pulled pork topped with a generous slice of cheddar cheese brought together between a bamboo charcoal bun and served with a green apple slaw and fries. Even the hotel’s GM agreed that they’ve “almost” nailed this one. But one thing they could definitely work on are the fries. 

Pulled Pork Burger

Beef Cheese Burger- traditional cheese burger made with a succulent beef patty, chipotle mustard, horseradish mayo, dressed with lettuce, tomato, red onion, and pickles; served on a sesame bun with aged cheddar. I could just do with that beef patty and my bottle of Hoegaarden!

Beef Burger
Beef Burger

Lamb Sheek Kebab- made with a traditional red marinade and cooked in a tandoor. Served with homemade sirka pyaaz, garlic yoghurt and mint chutney. Tilting on the hotter side with regards to the use of chilies. 

Lamb Sheek Kebab

Tandoori Seabass- Fillets smeared with a traditional Bengali mustard paste and cooked in a tandoor. Divine!

Tandoori Seabass
Tandoori Seabass

Beef Tenderloin- Rubbed with rosemary and garlic and seared to a medium rare in this case. 

Beef Tenderloin

The food was beautifully ended with a decadent and delicious chocolate sundae made of milk chocolate mousse, Ecuadorian chocolate ice-cream, salted nuts and fudge brownie.

Special thanks to Vaishali Bhambri Makkar from Burrp and Chef Raheel Ahmad for a fantastic evening. 
This is a dine-wine-drink-unwind location you could definitely visit, whenever you’re on that side of town. 



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