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Viva L’Italia at ALBA at the JW Marriott Bengaluru.

Italian Cuisine, with the likes of Chinese, French, Indian cuisine has been on the forefront of cuisines that have achieved global appreciation but at the same time, their vastness and know-how remains largely veiled. 

 Think Italian and most people talk about pizzas and pasta. But there’s much more what this stunning peninsula and its surroundings have to offer in terms of food and beverages. 

I was invited to ALBA, the Italian speciality restaurant at the JW Marriott, Bengaluru a couple of days back to experience an evening of culinary genius, offered by the visiting Chef from JW Marriott Juhu, Mumbai, Chef Matteo Arvonio. 


Chef Matteo is the head chef at Mezzo Mezzo, the Italian speciality restaurant at the JW Marriott, Juhu, Mumbai. With a prodigious experience of over two decades, Chef Matteo brings with him a deep rooted love for Italian flavours and authentic cooking styles, to pamper the Indian palate. 

Seated in the PDR, flanked by other foodies, I started my evening with a glass of Ti Amo prosecco and I clinger to it as my choice of drink for the dinner that followed. 


A four course menu of Antipasti, Primi, Secondi and Dolci, curated by the chef, commenced thereafter. The items I tried include:


Gamberi in crosta di Mandorle Insalata di finnocchi ed Arance Riduzione al Balsamico

Sicilian style almond crusted prawns, orange and fennel salad, Balsamic reduction

 The prawns were crunchy on the outside and deliciously succulent from the inside. The salad and the Balsamic reduction complemented the dish in its entirety. 


Risotto alla Zucca funghi selvatici, Ragout Doi Quaglia col suo Fondo

Roasted pumpkin risotto, wild mushrooms, quail ragout, quail jus

 The risotto was cooked to text book perfection. Delicious earthy and umami notes from the mushrooms and the quail ragout adding texture and flavour to each nosh of the dish. 


Parmigiana Leggera di Zucchine, Pesto e Provola su Salsa alla Burrata

Baked zucchini, pesto and provola Parmigiana, Burrata sauce


 This is something not for the calorie conscious! A hearty portion of tomatoes as the base, pesto and provola parmigiana in the centre and zucchini on top. The first two layers were great! The tomatoes, however, were a little raw and unripe. 


Il Bonet

Piedmont amarettia and cocoa pudding, fresh blueberry, blueberry coulis.  

Creamy, decadent and delizioso! The blueberries were indeed fresh and the coulis lent a refreshingly balanced tang to the creamy Piedmont amarettia and cocoa pudding.  

Other items on the menu, that others sampled include: 


Green Asparagus- Three ways
Smoked Eggplant and Pecorino ravioli, Pecorino emulsion, fresh tomato coulis
Beef tenderloin with organic greens and pecorino, sautéed greens, celeriac, red wine sauce
Frozen Cassata
The dinner at ALBA has been exceedingly satiating. I’d take this opportunity to thank Ms.Simonti Majumdar and Chef Matteo for the invite and for an evening with a befitting setting and food that was, for most part, nothing short of magical!

Buon Appetite!


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