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Aspect Dining at Nimisserie 

It’s not very often that you find some one truly following their passion, giving it their own name and also sharing their passion, with others. 
Chef Nimish Bhatia, Ex-Corporate Chef with The Lalit Group of Hotels, has found Nimisserie as a platform to offer his culinary genius for us to savour. 
What he so befittingly terms as Aspect Cuisine is(to borrow Chef Bhatia’s words) Indian food, world-influenced to a festivity and personalised to each one of us. 

Nimisserie takes a modernist approach to influences expanding the length and breadth of the subcontinent. 

The diner is aimed to be amazed by what is offered and the experience is astral, to say the least. 

Nimisserie spells exquisiteness in whatever they do. Be it the Makrana Marble table-top inlays, the sourcing of their ingredients, the glassware, the crockery et all. Everything is thought through to create an aspect appeal for the diner; be it visually, physically, on the palate or on the nose.

 What we savoured today was a four-course sit-down luxe luncheon, each course as good as the other and each offering something nouvelle to the diner. 

The items I tried today include:


This was the first course and what a delightful one. Soft, airy dhokla disc; topped with a tangy prawn curry of sorts. If only the Gujaratis loved prawns as much as I do. Or maybe after this, they do!


 This was probably my favourite course from the afternoon. The bacon kulcha was just perfect. The two variants of pork ribs, both marinated in a mix of spices. Chef Bhatia adds that as consumers, we always have options of chicken, fish, veggies or prawns with a masala, then why not pork ribs?! Oh! How I thank you for coming up with this, Chef!



 Plated in the most breathtaking way for a biryani; the biryani came with its accompaniments of a mini-basket of greens, a tiny Hawkins pressure cooker with the ‘gravy’ and a petite glass jug with mildly flavoured yogurt. 


 What Chef Bhatia says is quite apt. Each item here at Nimisserie transports the diner back to a memory-of growing up, of home, of being far away from home. This dessert, and more precisely the way it had been plated, took me back to the by-lanes of Calcutta where a Mishtan Bhandar would be a hand-pulled rickshaw ride away, serving some delicious sweets, and of course, Mishti Doi. 

Nimisserie exhibits Chef Nimish Bhatia’s finest efforts and offerings, all under one roof. To experience the master and his craft in an intimate setting as this,is unequivocally, an experience to be cherished!
Bon Appétit!

Nimisserie is located at 120,Off, Wood Street, Bangalore. Ph: +919740979797.  


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