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The Kitchen Of Joy•Indiranagar•Bangalore

My recent trip to Calcutta was one of those with an agenda. With two of my good friends getting hitched, that only meant less time for my self.

I mean, sure, it’s a bong wedding- the food is fantastic, the atmosphere is fervent, the ladies look great(!) but you need your me-time, right?

Well, no me-time meant no time for me to go out and belt out food at some of my favorite hotspots in the City of Joy.

Once back in Namma city, my craving for Bong food only augmented itself.

Thank my stars that walking down 17th main on Indiranagar 100ft road, I discovered this small little café called The Kitchen Of Joy.

The Kitchen Of Joy is a tiny café serving grub from the City of Joy at affordable prices.

What I ordered included the Fish Chop, a Ginger Chaa, Luchi with Mutton Kosha and Deem Pauruti with Ghugni.

Ginger Chaa. Awesome Saala(!)

The Ginger Tea was a kadak, piping hot brew, loaded with ginger. Just the way I like it.

Fish Chop or Fish Cutlet, if you please.

The Fish Chop has a stuffing made of fish mince and potatoes with spices. Almost as good as what you get in Calcutta. Almost.

Luchi with Mutton Kosha

The Luchi with Mutton Kosha was delectable. This reminded me of home!

Deem Pauruti with Ghugni

The Pauruti with Ghugni was a great attempt at the infamous Calcutta evening grub However, the Ghugni, in my opinion, felt flat in terms of spices and didn’t entice the taste buts much. The Deem Pauruti was well executed.

With an overall pocket pinch of ₹400/-, it’d be incorrect of me to say that I wasn’t gratified.

The thing that stood out from the meal here? Probably the experience of sitting on a chair with a table, on the footpath and reminiscing the evening ‘adda’ with friends in Calcutta, over a hot cuppa.


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